Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Dinner and Pics from Yest

Me and my family went out for dinner tonight at The Olive Garden. Two of Aaron's former managers were working. Throughout the night they came to our table chatting it up with us. It was great! One made sure we ordered dessert, which they often take off the bill for us. So we ordered some this time (usually we don't). YUM!!! And, well, we were wrong. They did not pay for dessert....

THEY PAID FOR EVERYTHING!!! All 6 of us... 3 desserts... we only paid a tip!!!! The best Mothers Day EVER!!! :)

Ready for a walk Mama!!!
I still love my blanky!!!
They love doing things together.
Come on sister. Catch up!
Again, getting into trouble together!

1 comment:

Tana said...

AWESOME you guys scored on a free dinner!!
The girls are so cute!!