Thursday, April 2, 2009

I think I am there...

Yesterday marks one year from when my water broke with Sophia!!! CRAZY HOW FAST!!! 
Well, as the title says I am there. The girls are now at a point where I feel I am on top of it!!! I know there will be tough days, but I don't feel overwhelmed. I have them on a gently strict schedule consisting of naps from 10-12 and 3-5. With teeth and sicknesses I know this will vary, but this is what I am trying to stick to. The girls are not as jealous... they love to play all around. There have been a few attempts at the stairs, but they are not as curious, when I have let them tumble a few steps to let them know it is not fun!  
Jealous does kick in if I pick up one to place her in the high chairs the other one has to wait, but that is to be expected. What helps them is when I lay on the floor and become the girls' jungle gym, as recommended by another mom with twins. They tend to hang out with me and then crawl off. This is when I can get cleaning and cooking done. If it does not get done, Aaron will help out or I will wait till they are napping. A schedule always works better for me!!! I can change it up, and make alterations but it is better for me to have a plan :)!


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Patricia said...

You are such an awesome Mom. I hope there is a way you are printing your blog, "journal" so the gang can see what an amazing job you have done. We are proud of you!