Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One year ago today...

Day 2 of the girls' lives. At 6:30 am, one year ago... one of the NICU Drs came into my hosp room. Aaron was asleep on the cot next to me. The Dr leaned against the wall to tell us that Sabrina is doing very well, but Sophia was doing very poor. I was in  a daze from all the meds lasting through the night. Aaron was beat b/c who can sleep well on a hosp cot? The Dr proceeded to tell us that if 10 is death, Sophia is a 9. They had one more medication to try, if I didn't work, there was nothing else they could do. I was so sick myself I could not move. Then with this news... I felt trapped!!! The night prior, they did wheel me in to the NICU, in my hosp bed to see them, but I was so drugged up my eyes could not focus. I felt like a cartoon where my eyes were spinning so many directions I could not focus and then I passed out. I do not remember anything until the Dr came in to my room. Still, I could not move. He later came in and said within hours her coloring changed from gray to pink and that he had never seen it work so fast or so well! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! At this point she was on an osculating vent. I was too sick to get out of my bed. Aaron took a few pics when they were first born and then he also went to the NICU a few times and took some pics of the girls so I could see what they looked like. I did not the see the girls in person, un-drugged until Day 4. More about Day 3 tomorrow!!! 

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