Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One year ago today...

My hair cut was just getting finished up. I was cramping... dizzy.... and just not feeling good at all! I could tell there was something wrong. I felt bad for getting my hair done, thinking this is what caused the labor to be so intense. Later the nurses told me it had nothing to do with that. But I felt guilt for days!!! My body was doing the regular stuff it did at 4 pm... cramping so bad I was needing pain meds and hot packs. But the pain was much worse. I begged for my Dr who was about to leave in a few minutes. She came in my room with her purse and coat on her way out the door. Kristin (another dear friend) and her son Charlie were there visiting. I could tell it was bad, b/c she had such a worried look on her face. The Dr also realized the pain was pretty bad. I begged, PLEASE NO MORE MAG! At that point she told me I was a special case. With Sophia's water being broken they normally don't do mag... but the made exceptions for me. So, she knew they would not do it again. She looks at me and says, "Ok this it. Is Aaron here? Why don't you give him a call." As I type right now, it just so happens that my MP3 player is playing my theme song, I AM HOLDING BACK THE TEARS!:) He has given me the strength!!! Kristin stayed with me and had her hubby call in to work so he could come get their son Charlie and she stayed by my side until it was time. I asked my Dr who was going to do surgery and she said, "ME" I was soooo happy she was going to stay just for me. I will never forget how wonderful that made me feel!! SHE IS AN AMAZING DR!!! They let me get up one more time. And then they began preparing me for surgery. There was so much business going on around me. I was having contractions trying to just relax. Kristin was helping me breath. Charlie was born a just a few months earlier so she remembered!!! 
I was so glad it was all going to be over soon. I was in so much agony that I just wanted it over no matter what happened to the girls. If something had happened to one of them I would have felt sooo bad and would not be admitting this. I just wanted it all over! Betsy called me to see if I needed anything and ended up arriving after surgery began and stayed till the girls were born. I never got to see her but I was so happy to know that she and Kristin were outside the operating room, there for Aaron and me!
Earlier, as I was signing the papers to consent to the surgery I could hardly sign my name because of the pain. At this point the Dr said, this is the right choice. Later on we realized it was an infection in my uterus that was causing the pain! 
Aaron got their so fast and later admitted he was balling the whole way. So bad that he almost had to pull over. He also told me it was because he was afraid I was going to die. 
After 6 attempts at a spinal and the same medical person ended up going out to the hall to announce tons of info (which she was not suppose to do, HIPA) the girls were born at 7:57 and 7:58. Sabrina cried and Sophia looked at the Dr but was not breathing. I have the video if anyone wants to watch!!!! 

From then on... the blog says it all!!! My precious girls are in the world happy and ready to TAKE IT OVER! 

ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!



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