Friday, April 17, 2009

One year ago tonight...

One year ago tonight... Labor began!!!

I was in day 1 of 5 days of full out labor with the girls. It started around 4 pm and lasted till 8 pm each night, but the pain never totally went away.  Each night the pain increased and stayed very painful. The Mag treatments began one year ago this evening and it was causing me to fear for my life. A very scary night!!! A bad nurse (only one the whole time), completely helpless with the feelings of the worst flu!!!! I was watching the clock tick... waking myself every 5 minutes from 10-11 pm feeling like if I let myself drift too far I would die. Exactly one year ago from when this was written. Thank you Kat for staying with me till Aaron arrived. Aaron thank you for staying by my side and defending me with the nurse, feeding me ice chips and not complaining with the room at 60 degrees so I could keep from feeling like I was going to explode!!!! I will never forget this night... one year ago. 

Look at what the Lord has done!!!!

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