Monday, April 20, 2009

One year ago...

I do not recall this night exactly, but as I was rocking Sophia to sleep tonight and I did remember it was a night that Aaron could not come. I felt great after the Mag Treatments. And I was settled I was going to be in the hosp for 2 more months. NOTHING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! I remembered Beth ( my mother-in-law) went out of her way several times a week to bring the boys to visit me. It was always such a special time for me. We also had webcam set up at the house through to the computer. I was able to sit with them at dinner or watch Tyler jump off the kitchen table with no one else around!!!!! Tonight, one year ago, was not a night Aaron had off... and I remembered he could only come a few days a week, because he had to also be with the boys. This was only the beginning of the emotional roller coaster of having 4 children!!! 
I was excited about my hair appointment set up for April 21st at 2 pm!!! I was soooo excited to be pampered. I was also planning on a masseur coming too!!! I was in it for 2 more months!!!!

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