Sunday, April 19, 2009

One year ago today....

I just went back in the blog to one year ago today... and there is nothing. Nothing for several days. Not until after they were born and we knew they were going to be okay. There was nothing posted because this is where my health began to go down hill due to the infection in the uterus. I recall each night being agony. Aaron was working and I just wanted him there. He needed to save his time off for when the girls were born, when I would need him more... but I still wanted him there. Instead... I was in bed crying, in pain wondering when it would end. They gave me sleeping pills which helped a lot. All I could do was repeat to myself... THIS IS FOR THE GIRLS... over and over again in my head. It was my theme song because of my daughters and all the girls who were helping me through. My Mother-in-Law Beth was taking such great care of my boys, friends were stopping by to visit and people all over the east coast were praying daily. My e-mail inbox was never empty! I had some many friends there by my side each day, bringing me things I needed. Audra... what a gem! She made a few Target runs for me! Unmentionables. What a DEAR DEAR FRIEND!!! Labor was never as intense as it was to equal mag treatments until the night they were born, but each night I had many drugs to help me through the pain caused by all the issues I was having. Drugs and MANY MANY HOT PACKS, which relieved the pain as well!    

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